Terms of Service

CrystalCraze© | Established 2020.

We claim the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time, if necessary. There would be notification before the new Terms of Service comes into effect.

CrystalCraze is a safe and friendly, G - rated environment.
All citizens are welcome.

Be kind. Be happy. Remember this game is meant for fun.

The Terms of Service listed below only applies to CrystalCraze©.
It is to assure that you have the best experience possible.

  1. Alts are not permitted.
    There is an anti-alt ATM placed. If your verification fails, then you have been using multiple accounts which is not permitted. This is the process currently:
    • First attempt: You will get banned because of failed verification. You will be automatically unblocked after 24 hours.
    • Second attempt: You will be banned for one week.
    • Third attempt: You will have to contact staff.
    All records are cleared on the first of each month at 0:00 SLT. You are not bound to a "forever game avatar". If you decide to change your mind and use another one, you can do so the next month, is what that means.
  2. Visiting Hosting Lands
    1. Players must obey the rules of the lands they visit and have to expect to be banned if they don't. We only get involved with landowner bans against players if said bans violate any of the points listed below under 'Hosting CrystalCraze on your land'.
    2. We are guests on lands which host our game. Landowners fund our game and allow us to play on their lands. We respect them and are polite. We specifically never ask landowners to fund our game, it is at a landowner's discretion if and when they choose to do so.
  3. Speed Enhancers
    The usage of speed enhancers or any other attachments which artificially increase your ability to move faster or jump higher are not permitted. The CrystalCraze Basket has a speed control feature. If you try to use an enhancer, your basket will be locked and you will have to unlock it at CrystalCraze HQ. AOs or any other attachments which don't affect your avatar's speed are fine.
  4. Griefing is not permitted.
    We will not tolerate any kind of griefing. Using any device, that will impede upon another's actions, is not permitted.
  5. Fraud will not be tolerated.
    We are also making it clear that we reserve the right to ban any player who takes advantage of a glitch or a technical loophole to enrich himself/herself and thereby defrauds CrystalCraze.
  1. No discrimination of any kind.
    A landowner rules over their land and we rule over the services we provide to both landowners and players alike. We at CrystalCraze strongly object to discrimination of any kind. So if you feel the need to randomly ban people for no apparent reason and therefore discriminate against players, we might opt to break ties with you.
  2. No distortion of our game rules.
    Landowners cannot introduce rules which prevent players from playing our games the way they were intended to be played. Specifically, running and bumping into each other here and there are a part of the game.
  3. Public access must be guaranteed.
    1. It is not permitted to use any of our products on private parcels or within the range of systems which ensure privacy such as security systems to ensure fairness of the game. Our products have access checks included, so you won't be able to use them on private parcels in any case. The game items will shut down.
    2. Access to the land can not require buying passes or paying any other kind of entry fee such as mandatory tips. We understand you put in a lot of time, effort and lindens into your land. If you are wanting to withhold access to game items from players because they are not willing to pay, then this is not the game for you though.
    3. You may have a land restriction based on avatar age and ask for "Payment Info on File". Maturity ratings are fine as well.

      Please read:
      Linden Labs Official; Second Life Skill Gaming Policy
      Linden Labs Official; Adult Content FAQ

  1. CrystalCraze is a General Content group. Therefore all statements made in group chat must meet Linden Labs General Content Guidelines.
  2. Misconduct in group chat will be handled in the following order:
    • Two warnings will be issued by a moderator. You will be muted in group chat if necessary.
    • You will be banned from the group.
  3. Moderators and staff in general have to be respected at all times. Verbal attacks are not tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.
  4. Advertising other businesses and/or begging is not permitted.
  5. CrystalCraze group is a social group. Group chat is a place for friends to enjoy friendly conversations. Let's keep things as drama-free as possible!